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By Grace Hickman

on Thursday 14 December 2017

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I am injured from the accident and I don’t know if I can make a claim for compensation – what do I do next?

If you were a passenger in an uninsured vehicle, you could still be entitled to compensation from either the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (‘MIB’) or the insurer of the vehicle in the event of an accident, providing that you were unaware that the driver was uninsured at the time.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau emphasise that you will be unable to succeed in the personal injury claims process if you were aware that the driver:

  • Was on the road with no insurance/an expired insurance policy
  • Illegally stole the vehicle prior to the accident
  • Was driving without insurance whilst also driving whilst disqualified or without a licence
  • Was driving in the attempt to escape or avoid being caught for a crime

Suffering injuries as a passenger in an uninsured car will enable you with the ability to claim personal injury compensation and compensation for any possible financial and medical impacts that may have occurred as a result of the accident, such as ‘loss of wages’, etc.

At Non-Fault Accident Claims, our team provide full assistance when it comes to demonstrating that you were completely ignorant towards the fact that your accident happened in an uninsured vehicle.


As an injured passenger, who can I claim against?

Even if you were in the same car as the driver who is to blame for the car accident, you may still have the right to make a claim against the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB). Non-fault Accident Claims has a long-standing history with dealing with claims linked to the MIB, and can certainly help advice you on the best course of action to take after an accident that happened through no fault of your own with an uninsured driver.

As it is hardly possible to blame a passenger for a car accident, when pursuing a personal injury claim you have the opportunity to claim compensation from either the driver of the vehicle you were passenger in at the time of the accident, or the opposing driver.
For cases where both drivers involved in the car accidents are at-fault and admit liability, the compensation pay-out you may be entitled to as a blameless passenger may be compiled of claims made against the two drivers.


The most common passenger injuries

Whiplash, cuts and heavy bruising are amongst the most frequent injuries that occur during and after car accidents. Those who suffer from whiplash after an accident will notice that symptoms get considerably worse during the days after the accident, therefore if you have been injured as a passenger in an uninsured car we recommend that you talk to one of our specialist solicitors as soon as you can.
You may well have the full right to compensation for your injuries and losses.


Who to talk to first

You should notify your insurer of your accident immediately, then Non-fault Accident Claims as soon as you can afterwards. The Non-fault Accident Claims team will provide you with professional and impartial advice throughout your non-fault claim, just get in touch today.

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Non Fault Claims can help you begin your potential claim, get in touch today!

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